freedom for Salama kaileh

Site to campaign for the release of Arab Marxist intellectual Salameh Kaileh

Who is Salameh Kaileh?

Born in the town of Birzeit in Palestine in 1955, Salameh Kaileh studied in Baghdad and became an activist within the Palestinian resistance.

He wrote a number of books, among them: “Critique of Mainstream Marxism” (1980), “The Arab and The National Question” (1989), “Imperialism and the Plunder of the World” (1992), “The Problems of Marxism in the Arab World” (2003) and recently “The Problem of the Arab Nationalist Movement” (2005).

Salameh was arrested after midnight in Damascus on 24th April, 2012. The Syrian security forces (we don’t know whether it was the army or the police) attacked his home, ranscaked it, confiscated his computer and arrested him.

Salameh has already spent 8 years in Syrian prisons. Syrian activists believe that Salameh has been picked up by the authorities for his writings which are extremely critical of the anti-people Syrian dictatorship.

Some recent writings of Salameh: Correspondence with a Syrian socialist (Feb 3, 2012) أزمة الثورات العربيـة (Apr 21, 2012) سوريا أيضًا تنتظر التغيير (Mar 11, 2012

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