No” to the Draft Constitution of the Rich…… “No” to the Constitution of the Religious State

“No” to the Draft Constitution of the Rich……
“No” to the Constitution of the Religious State

Although we recognize the illegality of the Constituent Assembly which produced this distorted and wrong draft constitution, to which the people were invited to referendum based on an illegal constitutional declaration issued by the one who does not have the right to issue it; and despite all the conspiracies hatched to accelerate passing this Constitution in light of terrorism, murder and intimidation by militias of the Brotherhood and their supporters of terrorist groups, yet the Egyptian Communist Party decided to share the position of the National Salvation Front reached yesterday, calling for rejecting the draft constitution by participating in the referendum and voting “No!” (provided judicial supervision and referendum on one day all over the Republic) and in order to preserve the unity and block the road before attempts to falsify the will of the masses and launching the broadest campaign to convince the masses to reject this constitution, drop it and resist all forms of dispossession of the will of the masses and distorting their consciousness. However, this project is biased to large capitalists wasting the rights of workers, peasants and working people standing against free education, wasting the right of health and housing not criminalizing religious discrimination and detracting the rights of women and children. It devotes absolute powers to the President making him a constitutional dictator.
This authoritarian draft also legalizes confiscation of newspapers and imprisonment of journalists and moreover, it opens the door before the establishment of a religious fascist state makes criminals and traffickers in the name of religion as guardians on the community values.

In this regard, the Egyptian Communist Party salutes the honest judges and prosecutors who made a great stance in defense of judicial independence and democracy. They rejected all attempts to intimidate them in order to retreat from their courageous position biased to the will of the Egyptian people. The Party is calling call upon the masses of the great Egyptian people to stand in strong determination against any attempt to rig the referendum or violate the established legal rules, and respond firmly to anyone trying to buy the will of the people or intimidate the masses.
Long Live the Struggle of the Egyptian People!
Down with the false and distorted Constitution
The Egyptian Communist Party
December 13, 2012

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