Press release addressed to national and international opinion

In order to be in phase with the struggles our people carry out for a blooming society in which liberty, equality and social justice reign ,

And to line up with the initiatives led by activists towards the union of all progressist and democrat forces within and without country, as well as the struggles and the appeals led by democrat political prisoners who waste away in the jails of the system of exploitation and repression,

We, Moroccan activists in Europe, together in Paris September 14th to discuss and decide how to give our wholehearted support to the democrat political prisoners and to the struggle our people leads,

We consider this initiative as a step forward and an introduction to new ways of fighting and supporting the struggle as well as the resistance of our people and that of the democrat political prisoners, this task falls to all defenders of liberty, equality and democracy, who oppose each form of oppression and despotism carried out by the government in power,

We declare the establishment of a Follow-up Committeewhich will allow us to get in touch with more people and lead activist actions as a response to the political imprisonment issue and to the people’s struggle for democracy,

We appeal to all national and international democratic forces to strengthen their struggles and their support to democrat political prisoners for their immediate and unconditional release,

We highly salute the struggle and the resistance led by our comrades, democrat political prisoners and we renew our commitment to continue the struggle until their release and the end of political imprisonment in our country.

Paris, September 14th 2013

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